Essential Household Cleaning Tools

It is a well known fact that you can’t do a job right if you don’t have the right tools – and cleaning is no exception! If you are just setting up house, it can be worth your while to make the effort to set up a basic cleaning kit, containing all the essential items to get your home clean and sparkling.

Even if you have been living somewhere for a while, it can be a good idea to make an inventory of what you already have and see what you may need or can add to your collection, to improve your cleaning speed and efficiency. And like a lot of things, you get what you pay for so try to invest in as good quality equipment as you can – it will get the job done better and faster and you will feel that it is money well spent.

Here Are The Essential Cleaning Tools No Home Should Be Without:

Cleaning Cloths

There is a huge variety of cleaning cloths available on the market, some claiming to be specialised for doing different jobs while others promising special properties, such as anti-bacterial or super-absorbent. Many cleaning cloths are made of terry cloth, a cotton cloth with innumerable loops which make it very absorbent.

A new generation of cleaning cloths – called microfiber cloths – are now available which promise superior cleaning action, due to their millions of tiny fibres which trap dirt. These tend to be made of synthetic fabrics and can be used dry or wet – and can be so effective at cleaning that they remove the need for a cleaning solution, which makes them a good environmentally-friendly option.

Don’t forget that you can also make very good cleaning cloths out of old cloths, such as old cotton T-shirts, flannel night wear and worn-out towels. Old terrycloth bathrobes can also supply very nice terry cloth cleaning cloths. Not only do you save money in this case but you’ll also be eco-friendly as you will be recycling and re-using.

Vacuum Cleaner / Mop

Your flooring is the largest surface in your home and probably one of the first to show up dirt, dust and grime so having a good floor cleaning tool is essential. If you have carpeting, then this would be a vacuum with good suction power and the flexibility to get into tight corners and underneath items of furniture. Bagless models tend to provide strong power without loss of suction. When it comes to vacuums, it can be worth paying more to get a more powerful, efficient model. Recommendations from friends or family can be helpful, otherwise ask the sales person if you can try out the models in store.

If you have hard flooring, then you may prefer to use a broom, dust mop or a wet mop to clean your floor. Brooms do not necessarily have to be expensive to do a good job – just find one with the right type of bristles (too soft will not have much sweeping power) and the right length for you do hold it and sweep easily. Mops are a bit more complicated and it is worth getting a high quality one. Ideally, find one with replaceable heads so you can get replace it with a fresh new sponge when the old one gets too worn and soiled – however, some people prefer the old-fashioned cotton string mops.

Brushes And Scrubbers

These are good for getting rid of ingrained dirt and grime from cracks and crevices. Be careful, though, and avoid anything too abrasive as this can damage many surfaces. A good toilet brush for the toilet bowl is a must and this should be kept scrupulously clean and replaced regularly.


Not only will a good sturdy bucket help you carry your cleaning equipment from room to room and help you mop the floor but it will also provide you with somewhere to store damp items and prevent drips and puddles on the floor of your cupboard.

Rubber Gloves

It is important to protect your hands when cleaning as many of the chemicals in cleaning solutions can be very harsh on the skin. It will also make you less inclined to skimp on hard scrubbing or other necessary effort because you are afraid of damaging your hands or ruining your nails!

And finally… Music!

Good music will help get you motivated and keep you energetic as you tackle the household cleaning chores – and possibly turn a boring chore into an enjoyable activity!

Remember, having the right tools is half the battle so check your cleaning equipment regularly and make sure that you have everything you need to get your house in sparkling shape.

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