Personal Cleaning

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Wounds

How to clean and disinfect any cuts, puncture wounds and abrasions….

Cleaning Methods for Re-Usable Nappies

How to clean and wash reusable cloth nappies…

Cleaning Your Hair

Tips on washing, conditioning and drying hair correctly to maintain clean, healthy hair….

Cleaning Your Hands and Feet

The correct way to wash hands and feet so has to prevent disease and infection, and some tips on nail care….

Debate: Are You Over Cleaning?

A checklist of questions to find out if you are over-cleaning and the dangers of doing so….

Debate: Cleaning Your Body, the Truth About Detox Programmes

The theory behind detox regimes and the arguments for and against them….


How the dry-cleaning process works…

Effectively Clean Your Face

Tips on how to cleanse your face correctly and avoid common skin problems….

Having Clean Teeth

Tips on the correct way to brush your teeth, the best toothbrushes and toothpastes and the importance of flossing…

Removing Body Stains

How to get rid of various stains on the body…

Winning the Fight Against Lint

What causes lint and how can I remove and prevent it?…

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